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Monday, September 3, 2012

When Ladies Are Disrespected by Men Police Officers

Dear women, and men who read this blog:

We have all dreaded the bleeping of blue lights in our rear-view windows, only to look back and see a police car trumpeting a siren for us to pull over. Yet, many of us will not get alarmed or panic especially if we are certain we have not comitted a crime. But what happens, when you are pulled over in a city known for racial-profiling? I would like you to read this letter which serves as my 'Awareness Campaign' for such behavior, when it comes to women who are treated with callous disregard by men in uniform,but more importantly..the race issue is my most profound concern. In order to get to the roots of problems, we must all be like Moses,Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Margaret Thatcher exposing darkness in humanity to the truth of the glorious light! Please share this link on your Facebookpage, Twitter Page etc.

ATTN:  Chief C. Rowe/Sherriff Mark Tirey

 P. O. Box 1447
1801 3rd Avenue South
Jasper, Alabama 35502

RE: (The Police Officers of Walker County) Serve and Protect or Harass and Denigrate

Dear Chief Rowe and Sherriff Tirey:

This letter should come as no surprise to you, as I am quite sure you have received many complaints, grievances and reports on the conduct of the officers under your guard here in Walker County. I am compelled to write this letter, under a spell of reluctance but also out of a necessity for ‘Duty’…duty on my part as a resident of this county.

The race issue in Jasper, Parrish and surrounding areas is keenly evident, more pronounced in the police department, which suffers incredibly to the point of suffocation and crippling any amount of RESPECT for the officers of Walker County-they are racist, narcissistic, rude, badgering, arrogant and filled with hostility.

I say this standing on much warranted grounds. Not only have I heard about the many issues surrounding the police department in this county, Sumiton..ie,  the assailing comments, the complaints filed on officers deemed corrupt and unscrupulous, and some of them standing at voting polls in Parrish deterring black voters, I have recently had the pleasure to meet one of ‘Jasper’s Finest’ and I must say he if he is the epitome of your workforce, than I couldn’t fathom the degree of aggressiveness they display when apprehending a true criminal, when I was treated with brazen disrespect for a supposed failure to stop at a Stop sign.

On my way to work on Thursday, 30 August 2012, officer Dennis Corbell cited me for failure to completely stop at a stop sign. I disagree with him on this matter. However, this oversight on his part is not my complaint, it is the sheer impudent conduct he showed me when I rolled down my window and said: “Good morning officer, what seems to be the problem?”

He turned on the icy stony glare and basically hollered at me. He did not once greet me and tell me the problem. He barked for me to get my license and registration. He was very aggressive, as if I had burglarized a bank! Our conversation was very tense, as I don’t tolerate being treated like that. And he told me to move my vehicle to another location, ‘And get out of this man’s driveway!”

We were not blocking a driveway, and considering his blatant disposition, I feared he might actually draw his gun and shoot at me and tell people I tried to flee the scene! I felt he was not serving my best interest at all. Who wants to live with this type of fear?

You would think that we were in the year sixteen hundred.  Now these intimidation measures may be effective in a prison-holding cell, or when your task force is kicking doors down to some drug dealer, or shoving some black elderly lady you all have under surveillance because she has undue traffic coming in her house, or maybe a ten year old black kid that looks like a terrorist to your men in blue, or maybe for Jews who God forbid walked on the pristine sidewalk reserved for Nazis Germany. I hope my point is clear- I feel the Jasper Police Department has never had a compass of judgment, and  every CAUSE is treated with brazen discrimination.

The fact of the matter is this: The Jasper Police Department and surrounding police departments are plagued with a caustic and bitter view of black people in general that ‘we all’ look like villains to you. The issues that are prevalent and ravenously eating the justice system in this town is uncontained. I have been pulled over twice in my life and I have never been treated like this!!!!

I intend to underscore this ‘Rotten apple’ that is tainting the good fruit present in the black community. We are tired of the harassment; we are fed up with the prejudice attitudes and I am tired of the gross extension of authority of the Jasper Police Department that has unnerved the rights of the black citizens in this town to live with contentment-we deserve it. We are citizens, not illegal immigrants, fugitives or vigilantes.
Tamara Harris-Boman


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